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[Shanghai] Cheers In Beer Delivery

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Cheers In

Add: 25 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu / 永康路25号, 近嘉善路
Tel: 6418 8400
Hours: 9am~10pm
Tasted: Mar 2012

Why yes, Shanghai is certainly warming up! With the high at 22°C today, I say it’s beer time. Here are a few bottles delivered from Cheers In, a beer shop with 2 physical stores (click here for the addresses) and an online delivery service. Well then, let’s drink.

The afternoon started with La Trappe Blond Trappist (27 RMB, 330ml) from Abbey ND Koenigshoeven Brewery. Clear, sparkling, and golden blond in color, this beer has a fresh and fruity taste with a soft bitter aftertaste, and a smooth aroma with a bit of butterscotch and floral notes. 6.5% vol. alc., pouring temperature 8-12 ºC.

Next up, Cuvée des Trolls (20RMB, 250ml) from Dubuisson Brewery. Brewed in the traditional way and 100% natural (no additives), this beer is then flavored with dried orange peel, which gives a fresh and pleasant fruitiness. The bitterness, acidity and sweetness are nicely balanced.

Lastly, Queue de Charrue Triple (22 RMB, 330ml) from Vanuxeem Brewery. With an alcoholic content of 9%, this is the strongest beer I tried today, and admittedly I’m not a fan of its bitter taste. The foam also seemed quite rough, though this might be because I was trying to get a shot of the pouring process and ended up making a little souffle…I don’t think beer lovers would approve of this. Oops.

What a perfectly pleasant afternoon, guzzling beer in the yard while soaking up the sun. Want more? Get them here.

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March 27th, 2012 at 6:01 pm