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Anna Maya

Add: 3 Taojiang Lu, near Hengshan Lu / 桃江路3号, 近衡山路
Tel: 6433-4602
Hours: 10am~10pm
Price: 68~110 RMB/set
Visited: Jan 2012 (visit 1)

Almost forgot about a delightful lunch I had at Anna Maya at the very beginning of this year. Like I said last time, this vegan cafe will not please everyone, but for those looking to sooth the stomach with some light and healthy macrobiotic food, this is a must visit.

Wooden floor, wooden furniture, and wooden utensils.

Order a la carte or set menus, which range from 68 RMB (1 drink/soup + 1 salad) to 110 RMB (1 soup + 1 salad plate + 1 main dish). We sampled 2 soups, 4 salads, and 3 main dishes – it’s been more than two months since I had these, so I’ll have to skip on detailed descriptions…sorry!

All Mushroom Soup (35 RMB), creamy soup with coconut milk, coconut filling and sliced mushrooms. Golden Pumpkin Soup (35 RMB), simple pumpkin puree. Delicious and delicious.

Anna Maya offers 10 types of interestingly attired vegetables, and you can choose 4 for a salad plate (65 RMB).  All good, but most memorable were the Mustard Pumpkin and Mushed Tofu with Chinese Camomile & Carrots.

Grilled Daikon with Shiso Leaves.

Mustard Pumpkin.

Mushed Tofu with Chinese Camomile & Carrot.

On to the main dishes. Ultimate Veggie Burger (65 RMB) was a bit dry, try Kush‘s lentil burger instead.

We chose Tomato White Radish Kofta Curry and Thai Green Curry with Bamboo, Mushroom, and Carrot for the Curry Plate (60 RMB for one curry, +15 RMB for 2 different curries). I personally preferred the Thai Green Curry, which was richer and more pungent. Both quite spicy, excellent with the accompanying brown rice.

Lastly, my favorite dish at Anna Maya, Avocado & Beetroot Donburi (65 RMB) – I came back just for this. Simultaneously sweet and sour, warm and cold, creamy and zesty, and all the ingredients blended seamlessly together. The sprinkle of white sesame was the cherry on top.

A super light yet very satisfying meal. I should really eat more like this.

Anna Maya also does an afternoon tea set, but since I didn’t like dessert I had here last time, I decided to skip this. If you have been here for tea, please drop me a note and let me know how it is.

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