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[Shanghai] 1984 Book Store

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1984 Book Store

Add: 11 Hunan Lu, near Wukang Lu / 湖南路11号, 近武康路
Tel: 3428 0911 / 1362 1910 210
Hours: 11am~10pm
Price: [drinks] 25~40 RMB
Visited: Mar 2012

After leaving the stylish little boutique Catie Lo, we continued our stroll in the French Concession and stumbled upon 1984 Book Store on Hunan Lu. I’ve actually passed by this spot numeral times before, but never ventured in as the gate is always locked. This time, we decided to ring the doorbell, and were soon ushered in to this quirky little bookstore / cafe – with a spacious courtyard, too!

The bookstore carries a selection of Chinese and English books, usually only one copy of each book. What else is in here: notebooks, eco bags, stationaries, posters, Lomography stuff, etc.

Its quiet courtyard is a great place to enjoy the fleeting good weather in Shanghai. It might look a bit messy and out of care, but the chairs are quite comfortable and a few hours can be easily spent here.

A cup of latte (30 RMB) and lemon tea (20 RMB). Regular stuff, nothing to sing about.

There are quite a few cats lingering in the cafe, and this grumpy-looking one is actually quite friendly.

Don’t expect too much of the food and drinks here, but if you are looking for a quiet place to spend the afternoon, this could be it.

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April 2nd, 2012 at 5:40 pm