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[Seoul] Street Food

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During my Seoul trip, I designated one whole evening to a busy shopping district called Myeong-dong (명동/明洞). For shopping? Nah, for the street food, but of course. Seoul is known to be a lively destination teeming with carts and stalls of snacks ranging from the traditional to the weird. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a picture of everything I tried, but here are some snapshots to whet your appetite…

Toppogi, spicy rice cakes

Korean hot dog? Fish cake?

Potato tornado

Street vendor

Egg cake, my favorite of the evening

Deli manjoo

Deli manjoo

Dakkochi, or grilled chicken skewers

Dakkochi, or grilled chicken skewers

Soft-served ice-cream

Banana milk, not really a street food but something to try when in Seoul

Some other typical Korean street foods I tried but not pictured in this post are things like odeng (fish cakes cooked in a savory broth), sundae (sausages made from pig intestines, not to be confused with the ice-cream) and hotteok (pancake made from a mixture of glutinous rice flour and wheat flour, then filled with brown sugar and black sesame seed paste). Come hungry!

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May 26th, 2011 at 10:05 pm