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[Seoul] Cha Massi-Neun Ddeul 차마시는뜰

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Cha Massi-Neun Ddeul 차마시는뜰

Add: 35-169 beonji, Samcheong-dong, Seoul
Tel: 2722-7006
Hours: 11am-10:30pm
Price: [tea] 7,000~8,000 won [desserts] 4,000~8,000 won
Visited: Nov 2011

Cha Massi-Neun Ddeul (차마시는뜰), literally “a garden where you drink tea”, is a hidden traditional Korean tea house in Samcheong-dong.  With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city on one side and an interior courtyard garden on other,  Cha Massi-Neun Ddeul is a tranquil spot to spend a relaxing afternoon. Pick from a wide selection of soothing tea and enjoy it alongside a freshly steamed pumpkin rice cake.

Plain wood, clean and pristine.

We sampled four different types of tea, starting with 모과차 Mogwacha (8,000 won), a very subtly flavored quince tea, also a winter favorite as it is high in vitamin C and helps to prevent colds and suppress coughs.

The second blend, “Winter Dream” (7,000 won), is darker in color with an evident hint of cinnamon. Lovely with some complimentary pine nuts.

My favorite was the Japanese apricot tea (7,000 won), an appetizing blend of sweet and sour, flavorful enough to be a dessert in itself!

Strongest of all four teas we tried was the 대추차 Daechucha (8,000 won), a jujube tea with slivers of jujube and pine nuts floating at the surface. One sip of this aromatic tea will warmed you up from the core – it’s perfect for the chilly winter weather.

We also shared a 시루떡 hobaktteok (7,000 won), a traditional Korean rice cake made with non-glutinous rice powder and steamed pumpkin flesh. Slightly sweet and sticky, a delightful accompaniment to the tea we ordered.

What a beautiful mess we’ve made…:)

The decor at Cha Massi-Neun Ddeul is thoughtfully designed, with each cornered adorned with something uniquely charming.

After so many modern cafes, it was nice to visit a traditional Korean tea house for a change. To get there: Cha Massi-Neun Ddeul is not visible from the main path, so follow the signs for Silk Road or Tibet Museum, walk up a hilly path and look for a traditional Korean structure on your left. Happy teaing!

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