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[Paris] Sanukiya (2)

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Add: 9 Rue d’Argenteuil, 75001 Paris
Tel: 01 42 60 52 61
Hours: 11:30am~10pm (open daily)
Price: €13~20/person
Visited on: Apr 2013

When looking for simple and comforting food (especially something soupy when it’s cold outside), Sanukiya always comes to mind. I first blogged about this udon specialty restaurant almost 6 months ago, and have gone back quite a few times since then.

My favorite at the moment is 肉おろしぶっかけうどん nikku osroshi bukkake udon (€14), which is udon with beef, half-cooked egg, and grated white radish. The dry udon is served with a dashi broth on the side. Pour and mix, simply delicious.

鴨うどん kamo udon (€15), hot soup udon with duck breast. The noodles and broth were as good as always, but the duck breast was nothing special.

ポテトサラダ potato salad (€5) Japanese style. Potato, ham, egg, cucumber, corn, seasoned with mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Simple and good.

ごちそうさまでした ヾ(●´▽`●)ノ

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