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[Paris] Pierre Hermé

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Pierre Hermé

Add: 72 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 54 47 77
Hours: 10am~7pm (7:30pm on Thu-Fri, 8pm on Sat)
Price: €4.50~7.30/individual dessert
Visited on: 2012-08

For anyone with the faintest interest in desserts, Pierre Hermé is undoubtedly a must-visit when in Paris. It’s no surprise that this was my first stop after arriving in the city. Lunch? Forget it, let’s go straight to the sweets. There are various Pierre Hermé boutiques located throughout Paris, and one of them happens to be conveniently located near my school…I have a feeling that I will be coming here a little too often.

Look at these beautiful jewels…

As there are no seats in the boutiques, we took our purchases to a nearby park, and enjoyed them in the warm afternoon sun.

Pierre Hermé’s most famous creation is probably Ispahan (€6.90), a combination of rose macaron, rose petal cream, whole raspberries, and litchis. I’ve heard so much about this dessert and had such high expectations for it, yet it did not fail to impress. From the delicate, crisp macaron to the sweet rose petal cream, every component of this masterpiece was beautifully done, and combined elegantly together.

Equally impressive was 2000 Feuilles (€6.90), a multi-tiered construction of flaky caramelized puff pastry crust sandwiching crispy praliné, crushed Piedmont hazelnuts, and praliné mousseline cream. Mesmerizing textures and flavors. Rich, but not the least bit overwhelming.

The last we tasted was Plaisir Intense (€6.90), consisting of almond cake, dark chocolate flaky praline, chocolate ganache, thin layers of dark chocolate, and dark chocolate chantilly cream. It is a showcase for dark chocolate and its different possible textures – crispy, crunchy, soft and melting – no doubt a beautiful piece, but less memorable for me in comparison to the Ispahan and 2000 feuilles.

…To be continued, as this is only the first of the many, many more visits to come.

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September 2nd, 2012 at 9:37 pm