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[Paris] Pierre Hermé – More Recent Tastings

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Pierre Hermé

Add: 72 rue Bonaparte 75006 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 43 54 47 77
Hours: 10am~7pm (7:30pm on Thu-Fri, 8pm on Sat)
Price: approx €7/individual dessert
Tasted on: Aug 2013

The other day I had a piece of homemade peach tart with cumin, a rather interesting flavor apparently inspired by Pierre Hermé. Intrigued, I decided to drop by the Pierre Hermé boutique myself for a taste of  his Tarte Rose, Peche & Cumin (€7). Here it is, in a shortcrust pastry: almond-rose cream, fresh yellow peaches and sugar spiced with cumin. The flavor profile is certainly very unique as cumin is not usually associated with roses and peaches, but somehow the combination works. A pleasantly memorable piece.

Also tried a Tarte Croustillante aux Cerises et Pistache (€7): shortcrust pastry, almond cream with pistachio, morello cherries and sweet cherries, topped with cardamom crumble. I was a bit disappointed that the pistachio flavor wasn’t very pronounced, but otherwise this is a very delicious pastry – sweet from the cream and sour from the cherries, and a spiced crunch from cardamom crumble. It’s not the prettiest thing to look at, but it’s yummy.

Ibiza (€7), composed of pistachio dacquoise, joconde biscuit, orange mascarpone cream, touron (Spanish nougat) mousse, almond nougatine.  A nice combination.

paris pierre herme more recent tastings

paris pierre herme more recent tastings

On another note, the assembling of this pastry wasn’t done very well…look at the difference in thickness of each layer on the two sides!

paris pierre herme more recent tastings

Canelé (€2), traditional done well.

Pierre Hermé also currently has a collection of yogurt flavored macarons (available only until Sept 1 I believe). Here’s a macaron velouté banane (€1.95), flavored with yogurt and banana.

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