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[Paris] Patrick Roger

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Patrick Roger

Add: 91 rue de Rennes 75006 Paris*
Tel: 01 45 44 66 13
Hours: [Mon-Sat] 10:30am~7:30pm
Price: single origin chocolates €7/box
Visited on: 2012/10

On my way home from La Maison du Chocolat, a tasse de chocolat in hand and ready to spend the night sipping hot chocolate while wrapped up in blankets, I happened to pass by a boutique by Patrick Roger, one of the top chocolatiers in France. Ah well, a few more blocks of chocolates won’t hurt, will they?

*Various locations available, check website for full listing.

So who is Patrick Roger? A chocolate madman who is especially well-known of transforming chocolates into majestic sculptures, and for his innovative yet refined combinations of flavors and textures. He has earned the title of Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (shortened to MOF), a unique award in France according to category of trades in a contest between professionals. Oh yes, It is a big deal.

In his minimalist boutique, chocolates and their variations are displayed in signature green boxes.

We decided to buy two types of single origin chocolates (€7 each), and at the recommendation of the staff, we took home a box of São Tomé (75%) and a box of Papua New Guinea (70%).

At the check-out, the staff offered us some Ethiopia, silky smooth chocolates infused with coffee imported from the banks of the Red Sea.

And how were the chocolates? Disclaimer: I’m not a chocolate connoisseur and I can’t even call myself a chocoholic, so these are just some tasting notes that jumped out. The São Tomé (75%) was earthy and smokey with a slightly sandy texture, while the Papua New Guinea (70%) seemed more acidic and even smokier, with a smooth texture that just melts away. Both lovely.

On a side note, single origin chocolates at Patrick Roger are packaged in stylish tin boxes, and I have a feeling that I’ll have a sizable collection of these by the end of my year in Paris…

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October 14th, 2012 at 7:35 pm