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[Paris] Le Kok

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Le Kok

Add: 129 bis ave Choisy, 75013 Paris
Tel: 01 45 84 10 48
Hours: 9am~12am (closed on Tue)
Price: €7.10~7.80/bowl of pho
Tasted on: Mar 2013

A few weeks ago…

Friend: “I’m visiting Paris for a few days!”
Me: ” Cool, what do you plan on doing here?”
Friend: “Eat pho!”
Me: “…???”

Now that’s an answer I did not expect, especially from a friend visiting from Asia. And his pho destination in Paris? Not Pho 14, which is probably the most famous pho joint in Paris, but its next door neighbor Le Kok.

A real attraction at Le Kok, other than the delicious pho (more on this later), is the free “bones” you can get instantly upon being seated. And by “bones”, I mean the meat-laden bones that are cooked for hours to make the pho broth, so you can imagine how tender they must be by the time they are served to your table. Usually the waitress will ask if you want these, but if not, don’t be shy to request.

And don’t forget to dip the meat in this addicting brown sauce.

As for the pho, first timers can order the soupe tonkinoise speciale 特別牛肉粉, which comes in grande (€7.80) and petite (€7.30) sizes. It’s served with a little bit of everything: half-cooked beef briskets, beef meat balls, beef tendons, and beef tripes. The broth is clear but rich in flavor, the brisket exceedingly tender, and the rice noodles are perfectly textured. Squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice and add the chili if you so desire.

Other pho variations are also available (e.g. briskets only, meatballs only, or no meat at all).

For desserts, try haricot rouge glacé 紅豆冰 (€3.50) or trois couleurs 三色冰 (€3.50) – both are popular choices at Le Kok.

Excellent pho, efficient service, affordable prices. I’d come here a lot more if it weren’t so far away from where I live.

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