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Add: 66 Ziyunxi Lu, near Loushanguan Lu 紫云西路66号, 近娄山关路
Tel: 5206 5937
Hours: 11:30am-10pm
Price: [lunch] 40~50 RMB [cakes] 25~35 RMB
Visited: Jul 2011

NOTE: Organ has closed and reopened here.

You can tell from my first and second posts on Organ that this discreet little Japanese cafe is one of my favorite lunch spots near my office, so I was very sad to hear that they are moving to Hongmei Lu area in August. Where will I go for lunch from now on?

As the new location is too far from my office, I know I need to seize my last chances to lunch at Organ before they move. So here I am!

The tofu burger (48 RMB), one of my favorite dishes at Organ, was a delight as always. The patty was soft and tender, perfect with the scoop of chewy mixed-grain rice served on the side. What made the dish spark was a mound of shiso leaves and a bit of grated turnips topping the tofu burger, each adding a refreshing layer of flavor.

Organ’s new item on the menu is a chicken salad (60 RMB), which was, unfortunately, too much lettuce and too little everything else.

A little cup of ordinary carrot and turnip soup came with the salad.

To my relief, the curry rice (42 RMB) was delicious. Simple, but delicious. From the pictures it’s easy to see that Organ’s curry doesn’t contain a lot of meat, so the carnivores can consider ordering an extra hamburger patty (+20 RMB) or fried pork cutlet (+18 RMB) on the side.

And of course I left plenty of room for desserts.

First there was the honey toast (40 RMB), you can read all about this lovely loaf of bread from my last post.

Then there was the gateau chocolat (30 RMB), which was much better than how I remembered it from last time. Denser, richer, smoother…it was probably one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve had in Shanghai (though I’m a bit unsure about its consistency of quality.)

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July 16th, 2011 at 11:14 am