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[Shanghai] Nadaman なだ万

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Nadaman なだ万

Add: Pudong Shangri-La, 2/F, Tower 2, 33 Fucheng Lu 富城路33号,浦东香格里拉2号楼2楼
Tel: 5888 3768
Hours: [lunch] 12-2:30pm [dinner] 6-10:30pm [brunch] Sat & Sun 11:30am-2:30pm
Price: [lunch] 100~150 RMB [dinner] 500 RMB+
Visited: Sep 2010

Please note that this is an arranged tasting.

I’m usually not so keen on hotel restaurants, but Nadaman over at Shangri-la Pudong is doing something quite unique at the moment. From now until the end of September, Chef Honda Masami will be serving something very dear to his heart – Shippoku ryori (卓袱料理) from his hometown Nagasaki. No idea what Shippoku ryori is? Read on.

For those who care, the sleek interior of Nadaman is designed by Super Potato.

We started the meal with a square of sticky sesame tofu (45 RMB) topped with sea urchin and a dab of freshly-grated wasabi. Simple and clean.

The meal proceeded with a sashimi platter (888 RMB) of sea urchin, sweet shrimp, prime tuna belly, ark shell, and salmon. Fresh, quality ingredients.

Sea urchin (uni), sweet shrimp (ama ebi), prime tuna belly (toro), ark shell (akagai).

Then came a spectacular platter of assorted appetizer (1200 RMB), served Shippoku style. The main characteristic of this Chinese-influenced cuisine is the sharing of one huge dish, family style, over happy chatters, in a harmonious atmosphere. You can read a bit more about this style of cuisine here.

And what’s on this platter? Succulent grilled cod fish, tempura fried scallop and sea urchin, marinated clam and potato, refreshing seaweed vinegar salad, melting slow-cooked pork belly…delicious, delicious stuff. There’s a lot going on here, and sharing this between 4~5 people would be ideal.

We were sufficiently full by this point, but we had to make room for Nadaman’s grilled eel (165 RMB). Like all proper eel specialty restaurants, Namadan keeps a tank full of live eels. Once ordered, the fresh eel is first grilled over charcoal, steamed to remove the excess fat, layered with a sweetish sauce and finally grilled a second time. This time-consuming process is worth the wait – the result is an intensely flavorful eel with crispy exterior and tender interior, almost pate-like.

Nadaman also has a eel rice set (250 RMB) which includes appetizer, steamed egg, sashimi, miso soup, and dessert in addition to the eel rice. This was too much for us, so we just ordered grilled eel with a bowl of rice on the side.

We finished the meal with a bowl of salmon ochazuke (50 RMB), a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, dashi, or hot water over cooked rice. Ochazuke is commonly served at the very end of an elaborate Japanese full course meal, or just whenever you crave something hot and comforting. Nadaman’s salmon ochazuke does just that.

Note: out of all the dishes we ordered, only the assorted appetizer (1200 RMB) is part of the Nagasaki Shippoku special menu, which will be available until the end of September. Everything else is on the regular menu and would make a very satisfying meal any time of the year.

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