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[Kyoto] Bar Bunkyu バー文久

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Bar Bunkyu バー文久 

Add: KawaramachiSanjo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel: 075-211-1982
Hours: 6pm~ (closed on Thu))
Price: ~1000 yen/drink
Visited: Aug 2016

After dinner, we made our way to Bunkyu, a bar hidden in one of the alleyways of the Kawaramachi district.



Upon passing through the sliding door, I was surprised to find how small the bar is. Under the dim lighting, I could roughly see a roundish square wooden bar top that seats no more than 9, and we were lucky to take up the last few empty spots.



The bartender in charge here is Nao, a friendly guy who’s fun to chat with, and very generous in sharing his knowledge of Kyoto and beyond (he recommended a few places for us in Arashiyama which we ended up visiting, and all were excellent).

店裏的擔當名爲直(Nao),是位笑容可掬的調酒師,整晚和我們聊的非常開心,還給我們推薦岚山不少好地方。他給我看了自己標滿餐廳酒吧的Google Map,看來真的非常喜歡吃喝(忍不住想和他握手)。


And isn’t this little red-robed man a cutie? Nao mentioned that it’s a hobby of the bar owner to collect these dolls.



Bunkyu has no drinks menu, you simply tell Nao what you are in the mood for, and he will conjure one up for you. As I was in the mood for gin, Nao used Hendrick’s Gin to whip up this cranberry-flavored gin tonic (second from the left), which was excellent. All the glassware is beautiful, and I especially liked mine which looks like it has a Fuji Mountain on the bottom.

這裏沒有酒單,Nao會根據你喜歡的風格來調制合適的酒。我最近比較著迷于琴酒,于是他用Hendrick’s Gin爲我調了這杯有蔓越莓風味的gin tonic(下圖左二),我非常喜歡。當晚和朋友們試了幾杯都不錯,而且每個杯子都很漂亮,拿在手裏質感非常好。


The clientele here seems to be a little more mature –  the other customers sitting at the bar look to be in their 40s and 50s. All friendly folks, and started chatting with us in a mix of Japanese and English. An intimate and charming place, definitely somewhere to come back to on a future visit.




バー文久 Bar Bunkyu

價位:酒類 1000日幣+

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August 31st, 2016 at 2:25 am