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Add: D6, #7 Fenghuang Shanjiao Road, Hangzhou
Tel: 0571-8711 8620
Hours: Tue-Sun 10am-6pm (closed on Mon)
Price: ~100 RMB/person
Visited: Mar 2017

My last stop on this trip to Hangzhou was Random, a cafe / select shop located in an old neighborhood not too far from the city center. Its stylish shop front is quite a contrast from the ruggedness surrounding it, making it almost pop out from the background. Though it took a while to find, it was certainly worth the effort…

從東信和創園離開後直奔這次杭州行的最後一個目的地 - Random。穿過鳳凰城山腳下的老社區,拉著行李有點迷路有點狼狽,心裏碎碎念著幹嘛要這麽折騰,不過抵達這三層樓的漂亮小房子時立刻覺得 “呼,來了真好”。大片玻璃的摩登感在老社區裏顯得有點穿越,通透設計讓室內輕盈明亮。這裏藏地有些深,不是個會在無意中經過的地方,客人應該都是慕名而來的吧?



I first heard about Random at last year’s Design Shanghai, when Random’s founders Norah and Oliver invited me to their pop-up cafe at the exhibition. Though it was just a temporary thing, the cafe made quite an impression, and I’ve been meaning to go visit their actual shop in Hangzhou ever since then.

認識 Random 的 Norah 和 Oliver 是在 2016 年的設計上海,他們當時在展場裏開了個咖啡館,雖然只是爲期四天的快閃店,不過做得相當用心,去過之後一直想著哪天要到他們杭州本店瞧瞧。



Before Random, Norah was working in finance and Oliver was working at a state-owned enterprise, and the two of them decided to quit together to open up a shop of their dreams. In 2015, they got married, and Random was born.

後來才聽說他們兩個其實是小學同學,失聯很久後才又碰上,戀愛,結婚。當時 Norah 念的是商科,Oliver 則在國企工作,兩人決定同時辭職,一起開家自己理想中的店。于是在 2015 年,他們結婚的同一年,Random 誕生了。



Random is a three-story building separated into three different spaces. The first floor is a cafe serving coffee, desserts, and light refreshments. The interior is quite nice, though I have no photos to show here because there were too many guests during the time of my visit. Do check out the lovely sunroom with huge cacti in the back when you go.

Random 的理念是 “隨時,隨食”,雖然名字和風格看似輕松,店裏卻處處看得出兩人對各種小細節的琢磨。房子的一樓是咖啡館,也提供甜點和輕食。我到訪的時候客人較多不方便拍照,不過對最後面那個放了高大仙人掌陽光房印象特別深刻,如果你也去的話,不妨進去坐坐(抱歉沒有圖片哈)。



The second floor is a select shop displaying a meticulously curated range of products, including brands such as muuto from Denmark, tyklo from Finland, and apotheke fragrance from Japan. The third floor is the Random office, as well as a space that’s open for special events.

二樓是設計品買手店,白色方格鋼架上展示著 Norah 從世界各地精心挑選來的設計品,比如丹麥的 muuto(家具簡潔實用)、芬蘭的 tyklo (胡椒罐很可愛)、日本的 apotheke fragrance(伯爵茶+葡萄柚香氛蠟燭太誘人),等等。三樓則是 Random 的辦公室,也有一個偶而對外開放的活動空間。


My personal favorite part of the shop design is perhaps this floor-to-ceiling revolving door, and the sunroom right behind it.




As the first floor was completely packed, we were seated on the second floor for our afternoon tea, which was lovely despite it being a gloomy day (we can all imagine how beautiful it must look on a sunny day).




The hot kitchen at Random had already closed by the time we arrived, but the staff was nice enough to whip together something for us. First came this “crazy cheese” eggs benedict, with mozzarella, parmesan, blue cheese, and iberico ham, paired with a refreshing salad tossed together with organic greens from Chongming Island.

Random 的廚房其實過四點就關了,不過工作人員還是很貼心地爲還沒吃午飯的我們做了幾道料理,比如有新鮮馬蘇裏拉、帕瑪森、藍紋芝士、以及伊比利亞黑毛豬火腿的 “瘋狂芝士班尼迪克蛋”,搭配清爽美味的沙拉(用的是來自崇明島的有機蔬菜)。


I also tried the Thai-style omelet with lemon grass-flavored chicken, a pleasant variation from the typical omelet. This usually comes in a set with organic salad, homemade jam, yogurt, dried fruits etc., but we got there a little bit too late and these were no longer available.

也嚐了泰式雞肉歐姆蛋。第一次吃到泰式雞肉的歐姆蛋,有點驚豔,很喜歡蛋包裏檸檬草的香味。順帶一提,Random 的早午餐套餐一般會搭配秋日有機沙拉、雜糧小食、自制果醬、果乾、酸奶等,不過由于我們到的比較晚,這些已經沒有了。



Then there were the desserts, starting with a very light “Naked Cake” (42 RMB): chiffon cake sandwiching whipped cream, osmanthus-flavored pear, and blackcurrant jelly. I enjoyed this one for the light and fluffy chiffon cake made with free-range Japanese eggs (hence the extra orange color), but wished the osmanthus flavor was more pronounced.

隨後,甜點。從比較輕盈的開始,首先嚐了個由戚風蛋糕、桂花雪梨、黑加侖凍組成的 “桂花雪梨裸蛋糕”(42元)。戚風蛋糕非常柔軟,而且由于用的是日本蘭皇雞蛋,所以蛋糕的顔色偏橘黃。鮮奶油美味,黑加侖凍的酸味也很棒,不過可惜桂花的味道不是很明顯,小失望。



“Sri Lanka Garden” (62 RMB), earl grey white chocolate mousse with almond biscuit and hazelnut ball. The earl grey flavor is alluring, though the overall mix was really quite sweet, I don’t think I’d be able to finish a whole one on my own. On a related note, the sweetness level of each dessert is indicated on the menu, a considerate touch.

第二個是造型非常可愛的 “斯裏蘭卡花園雪糕”(62元),由伯爵白巧克力慕斯、杏仁餅、榛子球。跟上一款蛋糕比起來較甜,搭配茶或咖啡剛剛好(Random 的菜單上很貼心地標注了每個甜點的甜度,方便客人選擇)。



Lastly, “raspberry chocolate mousse with ginger cake” (50 RMB). I quite like the combination of chocolate with raspberry, but the ginger chunks in the pound cake part was too overwhelming for me. Norah explained that they used to use ginger candy from Japan, which is a lot mellower than ginger chunks, but apparently those are out of stock for the moment.

最後是 “姜味覆盆子巧克力慕斯”(50元),是巧克力慕斯、覆盆子果醬、和生姜磅蛋糕的搭配。巧克力+覆盆子是我很喜歡的組合,不過磅蛋糕裏的生薑味道對我來說太衝了,聽 Norah 說以前用的日本姜糖買不到了,才換成現在的設計(想嚐嚐之前的版本呀)。



Random also offers an interesting selection of coffee beans from all over the world, such as Tim Wendelboe from Oslo, Norway, Maruyama from Karuizawa, Japan, Heart from Portland, U.S.A., etc. I tried Five Elephant of Berlin on the day of my visit, which the barista presented in both hot and iced forms  (52 RMB) for me.

Random 有從世界各地收集而來的咖啡豆,比如挪威奧斯陸的 Tim Wendelboe、日本輕井澤的丸山、美國波特蘭的 Heart,可在吧台咨詢挑選。我到訪的當天有柏林的 Five Elephant,咖啡師用這個豆子爲我做了精典手沖咖啡(52 元),除了熱飲之外也可以倒在冰上,品嚐風味跟著溫度的變化。


Random’s very own coffee booklet.



Random, but not random. Come here for some sun, glorious coffee, delicious desserts, and stylish knickknacks to take home with. A place worth lingering.

Random, but not random。這裏有柔和的陽光,有香氣四溢的咖啡,有精致可愛的甜點,有可以融入日常生活的美好小物…如此理想的空間,下次去杭州,還要再訪。




電話:0571-8711 8620
價位:人均 100 元


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