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[Shanghai] Godiva Cafe

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Godiva Cafe

Add: Shop 106 No. 5 Alley 123 Xingye Lu, Xintiandi / 新天地兴业路123弄5号106号店
Tel: 5382 0715
Hours: 11am-midnight
Price: 55-65 RMB/cake, 45-55 RMB/drink
Visited: Jan 2011

Whisk and Hof dominated the chocolate dessert scene in Shanghai for a long while before Godiva came in with its first ever chocolate cafe concept store in the world. It seems like the cafe is already quite popular, as the spacious 2nd floor cafe area was completed filled up when I visited. Is this because of the prestige, the convenient location, or the actual offerings of the cafe?

The interior is nothing too impressive, but comfortable enough to sit through an afternoon.

We first tried the Godiva Chocolate Sin (65 RMB), described as “silky dark chocolate mousse with a chocolate glazed moist chocolate cake, layered with crisp chocolate ganache and crispy crunchies, accompanied by Godiva chocolate sauce and chocolate butter crunch almond crumble.” The actual cake itself was not bad but short of its lengthy description.

We then tried the Milk Chocolate Banana Elegance (60 RMB), which is “silky-smooth milk chocolate and praline mousse, caramel glazed banana, crispy crunchies, accompanied by passion fruit sauce and banana cubes.” I was quite excited about this as I’m a big fan of passion fruits and the combination of banana with chocolate. The dessert itself turned out to be quite nice but again, nothing to sing about.

The Dark Chocolate a l’Orange (45 RMB), “a perfect blend between the tartness of orange and the bittersweetness of dark chocolate,” was a godsend for me after walking in the cold Shanghai air for a good half an hour. My afternoon tea date insisted, however, that it tasted the same as what she could make out of the Godiva dark chocolate powder sold in Barnes & Nobles.

Everything at Godiva Cafe – from the drinks to desserts to decor – seem to be mediocre. If you are looking for really good chocolate desserts, I still suggest Hof (try their orange chocolate mud cake with caramel and sea salt) or Awfully Chocolate (try the super stacked chocolate cake).

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Written by sugarednspiced

January 15th, 2011 at 12:44 pm