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[FERRANDI] Week 9: Entremets

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Entremets, literally “between servings”, can refer to a light dish served between two courses of a formal meal, or simply a dessert. The entremets we’ve done in class are mostly multi-layered, elaborate cakes that take quite a lot of preparation. One of my favorites is feuillantine choco praliné, which consists of layers of cocoa biscuit, feuillantine praliné, and praline chocolate mousse. The picture below shows the feuillantine praliné layer, a decadent mixture of milk chocolate, hazelnut paste, house praline, and feuilletine.

Top that with a thick layer of praline chocolate mousse made from milk, house praline, dark chocolate, and liquid heavy cream.

Spray on a mixture of dark chocolate and cocoa butter.

Then – my favorite part – make caramelized hazelnuts for decoration.

Simply dip hazelnuts in caramel, and let drip to form a long tail.


Too cute, totally reminds me of teletubbies!

Color and texture of the caramel will change over time even after the caramel is removed from heat, so it is important to work quickly…or else you will end up with caramelized hazelnuts in drastically different colors and shapes.


A fun entremet we made was roulade griottines, which proved to be very popular among my female friends due to its cute appearance. To make this cake, first spread a thin layer of raspberry jam over a sheet of biscuit.

Roll tightly.


Line mold with rolled biscuit.

Make sure to block all holes with small bits of biscuit.

Fill with vanilla bavarois and griottine cherries.

Cover with a biscuit à la cuillère soaked in griottine syrup, then put the cake in the freezer to set.

Unmold, glaze, and it’s done!

An entremet that most people have probably heard of and tasted is forêt noire, or black forest. The version we made in class was composed of chocolate sponge cake soaked in Kirsch syrup, chocolate chantilly, vanilla chantilly, and Griottine cherries.

To make chocolate cigarettes, temper dark chocolate until it’s in between 29~31C, then spread it out on a clean marble surface.

Using a flat metal scrapper, scrape the dark chocolate to form cigarettes.

Decorate the cake with chocolate shavings, chocolate cigarettes, griottine cherries, and icing sugar.

Another cool way to use chocolate as decoration is to scrape it into wavy leaves, as we have done for feuille d’automne.



Moka. Why yes, the buttercream decoration took a while to complete…

Next up: petits fours, macarons, and gateaux de voyage!

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