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[Ferrandi] Week 5: More Puff Pastries

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We continued working with puff pastry dough this week and made a few more variations, starting with these puff pastry tart bands. First, roll and cut out a band of puff pastry (40 by 12 cm), double the two sides, making sure to glue the two layers with egg wash. Use a fork to poke holes in the center to prevent puffing in the oven.

Use knife to create a border design on the sides. Egg wash the borders but not the center.

Cover with apple compote and thinly sliced apples. Brush apples with melted butter.

Bake until apples are slightly browned and the bottom of the tarts are nicely browned.

After baking, cut into individual serving sizes, garnish with glaze if desired.

Apple puff pastry tart band, baked and glazed.

Another puff pastry tart band is jalousie, which is puff pastry filled with almond cream.

Another version is to blind bake the puff pastry, then top with pastry cream and fresh fruits. This is chef’s version.

I decided to go with a Christmas color scheme and topped mine with kiwi and red currants.

One of my favorite puff pastry is chaussons aux pommes, literally apple slippers, but usually known as apple turnovers in English. First, cut out fluted rounds of about 12 cm in diameter, then elongate by rolling out the center.

Fill the center with apple compote and fold over, seal with egg wash.

Egg wash the exterior.

Egg wash a second time, then score with leaf design. Make sure to poke a small hole to let out air during baking.

After baking, caramelize with icing sugar or glaze with syrup immediately after removing from oven.

Beautiful (and delicious too)!

Even though we used the exact same amount of dough, there was a significant difference in size between my chausson aux pommes and the chef’s. This is because I didn’t relax my pastry dough enough in the rolling process, causing the dough to shrink during baking. Which one do you the the customer is likely to buy if the two were the same price? The bigger one, of course.

Fresh of out the oven, puffy flaky buttery!

Then there’s pithivier, which is puff pastry dough filled with almond cream. A round pastry dough is topped with almond cream in dome shape, then covered with another layer of pastry dough. The sides are trimmed in semi circles, and the top is scored with arcs spiraling out from the center point. All this is done by hand without molds!

Bake, then sprinkle with icing sugar and bake again to achieve a glaze effect.

Very proud of my scoring ;)

Such flaky layers…oh my.

Next up: mille feuilles!

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