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[Ferrandi] Orientation

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Officially started the Intensive Professional Pastry Program at ESCF-Ferrandi this week. Hip hip hurray!

The first thing we did was to meet our admins, chefs, and fellow chef wannabes. Among the 49 students – 24 in cuisine, 25 in pastry (not sure why this session has one extra) – the two most represented countries are USA and Taiwan, then there are Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the UK. Diverse? Very. Age ranges from 18 to around 44, with most of the students clustering around 20~30.

Passed by a few chefs/cooks preparing desserts for restaurant service.

Received our uniforms. Each person has his or her full name stitched on jacket! Very cool.

Received, disinfected, and engraved our tools.

Here’s a snapshot of us in our full gear. What? You mean you don’t love the shower cap?

The pastry lab, where we will be spending most of our time. During orientation we (very) thoroughly learned about hygiene and cleaning, starting from disinfecting the marble working stations to washing the floor.

Lunch is included in the program fee and served in our school cafeteria. The food is not made by the school and it’s not very gourmet, but portions are very generous.

Received our recipe book. Here are just a few things we will learn to make during the program…

The pastry program also includes art classes! Should be very interesting.

And lastly, here’s a little preview of our first creation. Details coming soon ;)

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September 8th, 2012 at 2:07 am