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[Brussels] Grand Place + Mannequin Pis

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Grand Place, comic walls, Mannequin Pis, Liege-style waffles, Chinese tourists, beer, more beer, and more beer, sausage + cheese, mussels, and fries.

Comic walls, very characteristic of Brussels.

There are waffle stands all over the streets of Brussels, and it was practically impossible to resist their alluring aroma…What we’ve got here are “Liege-style” waffles, which are soft and slightly chewy, which I much prefer over the crunchy “Brussels-style” waffles I tried earlier that day.

Grand Place is a busy place, but if you walk just 10 minutes in any direction, you’ll find some quiet and relaxing streets.

About 10 minutes walk from Grand Place is the famed Mannequin Pis. Yes, it is tiny, especially when in contrast with the monstrous crowd surrounding it. Everyone wants a picture of the little peeing boy!

The statue is dressed in costume several times each year, according to the published schedule shown below.

After some walking around Grand Place, we settled down for a glass of beer.

It’s fun to sit outdoors and people watch. I mean, look at what we spotted! Chinese tourists, one file, shopping bags in hand.

Belle-Vue raspberry beer, good stuff.

Ok, maybe one more beer.

Perhaps just one more…

And not without a delicious plate of sausages, cheese, olives, and pickled onions and cucumbers.

What’s after beer and snacks? More food, but of course. It goes without say that the mussel + fries combination is a must when in Belgium.

Happily stuffed, time to head home…until tomorrow, Brussels.

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July 26th, 2011 at 6:49 pm