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[Shanghai] Bistro Burger

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Bistro Burger

Add: 1/F, Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu / 富民路291號1樓, 近長樂路
Tel: 6170 1315
Hours: 12-10pm
Price: [burger] 55-78 RMB [smoothie] 35-40 RMB [sides] 25-48 RMB
Visited: Oct 2010

Even the healthiest palates would, once in a while, crave some artery-clogging, fat-oozing American food. This is when Bistro Burger – Eduardo Vargas’ gourmet burger joint – pops to mind. To be fair, Bistro Burger also serves some healthy options, e.g. the Hawaiian Tuna Burger and vegetable pasta, but I personally go for the real deal: burger variations made from 100% certified Angus Beef, finger-licking good fries/waffle fries/twister fries, plus the thick and creamy smoothies. Why would anyone order pasta at a burger joint, anyway?

Here’s The Mexican (65 RMB): chorizo and beef burger, jalapeno-cheese, chipotle aioli & avocado slices on sesame bun. This burger is full of flavors and just spicy enough to tingle the tongue. The bun is nicely toasted, fully bringing out the sesame fragrance. The chorizo and beef patty was a bit too dry, but otherwise very satisfying.

The Tuscan (65 RMB): 8 oz. certified Angus beef burger, mozzarella cheese, roasted garlic aioli, fresh arugula and a sun-dried tomato-eggplant relish on a rosemary-olive bun. The sizable beef patty was grilled medium rare with charred exterior and a rosy pink center, a winner over the Mexican burger for its juicy and tender texture.  The rosemary-olive bun was also nicely toasted and very aromatic.

Here is a shot of the menu in case you are wondering what other variations are served. The burgers don’t automatically come with fries, so be sure to order them on the side. The do have a combo with burger+fries+soft drink (80 RMB) or smoothie (95 RMB), but it only works for the Classic Burger and you can’t trade up for any other variations.

I’ve had their classic strawberry milkshake before and thought it tasted like cheap, artificially-flavored strawberry ice cream. To my relief, their specialty smoothie Monkey Business (40 RMB), made with chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, and bananas, was addictingly good. It’s like frozen Reese’s in a glass, with small chunks of bananas. The metal cup on the side holds extra smoothie that doesn’t fit into the glass. There are 3 other specialty smoothies that all look delicious, and 4 spiked smoothies for those who must have some alcohol with their meals.

On the two occasions that I’ve been here, the place seems quite empty. Service ranges from mediocre to rude, but do come for the food when your stomach calls for some classic or not-so-classic burgers.

A fun read for the burger fans: Elements of an Ideal Burger from NY Times

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October 16th, 2010 at 8:52 pm