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[Beijing] Duck de Chine 全鴨季

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1949 Duck de Chine 全鴨季

Add: Courtyard 4, Gongti Beilu, Beijng / 北京市工體北路4號院
Tel: 6501 8881
Hours: 11:30am-2:30pm, 6-10:30pm
Price: [lunch] 150+ RMB/person [dinner] 400 RMB+/person
Visited: Sep 2016

It goes without saying that when in Beijing, one must have a proper Peking duck meal…but how does one choose among the plethora of restaurants offering this classic delicacy? I also hesitated – should I go to Quan Ju De, an institution for Peking ducks in Beijing, or Da Dong, best known for its modern and fusion twists? In the end, I chose Duck de Chine, which doesn’t only serve some of the best ducks in town, but is also more stylish in terms of decor, making it a popular spot among locals and expats alike.



First, a selection of condiments for the roast duck (10 RMB/person).


Here it is, 全鴨季烤鴨 Duck de Chine (268 RMB), carved table-side.



What I especially enjoyed about the roast ducks here is that it’s flavorful and succulent without being super fatty – I could go on eating piece after piece…



Peking ducks are usually wrapped inside thin pancakes, and at Duck de Chine they also offer these sesame buns, which are regrettably quite dry and not as tasty as the pancakes.


A few other dishes we tried: 金牌燒排骨 BBQ pork ribs (138 RMB).


碧綠炒元貝 Sauteed scallops with asparagus (268 RMB).


三杯鱈魚煲 sauteed cod fish with onions (288 RMB).


紅油手剝筍 bamboo shoots in chili oil (58 RMB).


香煎百花玉帶豆腐 pan fried tofu stuffed with seafood (108 RMB).


A good choice. Apparently Duck de Chine is also a nice spot for dim sum, with certain dishes discounted 50 percent at lunchtime. Come try?


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