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[Barcelona] Quimet & Quimet

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Quimet & Quimet

Add: Carrer del Poeta Cabanyes, 25, 08004 Barcelona
Tel: +34 934 42 31 42
Hours: [Mon-Fri] 12~4pm, 7~10:30pm [Sat] 12~4pm (closed on Sun)
Price: €20~30/person
Visited on:  Jan 2013

A lively, standing room only bodega run by the 4th generation of Quims. This tiny space is lined with wines and spirits from floor to ceiling, creating a snug and cozy atmosphere. Come here for some wickedly tasty montaditos (mini open-faced sandwiches), a few glasses of good wine, and a whole lot of good humor. A must visit when in Barcelona.

I was lucky to have gone to Quimet & Quimet with a local friend so I didn’t have to worry about ordering, but in case you are overwhelmed by the menu, just ask the man behind the bar to put together an assortment for you.

Started off with a dish of cockles (€7.50) just to wake up the palate.

All goes down better with a glass of beer.

Codfish with olive pate (€2.50), oh my, where have you been all my life? A plump, juicy chunk of marinated cod fish topped with olive pate, accompanied by a layer of sweet tangy tomato paste. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Big fat mushy spears of white asparagus (€3) that came from a can. I’m not particularly fond of canned food and don’t really understand why it’s so popular among the Spanish…but when in Spain, do as the Spanish.

Anchovy with cheese (€3), you too, where have you been all my life? The cheese is torta del casar, made from sheep’s milk in the Extremadura region of Spain. It’s amazing.

Assorted shellfish (€10).

Codfish croquette (€2.20), crackling skin enveloping a creamy smooth interior, simple and perfect.

Ended the meal with a shot of Ratafia Russet as digestif.

Lunch at Quimet & Quimet was absolutely delightful. We didn’t try too many items on the menu as we were saving room for a big dinner (more on this in a subsequent post), and there was one thing that I wish we had – montadito with salmon with truffled honey. Well well, that gives me a good reason to go back, no?

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February 16th, 2013 at 4:42 am